The Touching

Eurobud Plus together with founder and the executive creative director of the agency RGB IDEA GROUP Tetiana Bogoslavska-Orel developed a project for children with special needs, autistic children.

The Touching project is a creative territory for special, sunny children. Creative workshop to create author's masterpieces.

It is important for every person to be heard, it is important to be able to express their individuality.

Autists are people with an original way of thinking and looking at the world. People are creatively gifted, with good perception, with a feeling that the world has no limits, that the world is open to everyone and everyone.

The Touching project is a project created to reveal the talents of sunny children, to open the door to their world for everyone, to create a bridge to reality, socialization.

Autism limits children's ability to communicate, but rewards them with the gift of incredible concentration and creative productivity. The creative process is a special therapy.

The big idea of   the "Touching" project is not only to create an online platform for the realization of the creative talents of special children, but also to discover the demand for these products so that each of the creators feels their value, importance and their place in the world.

Offline manifestation:

craft studios, pottery workshops, ceramics studios, carpentry spaces.

An online platform with merch created on the basis of drawings and prints by special artists. The author's masterpieces will find feedback and purchase demand, but most importantly, they will provide an opportunity for realization and socialization for the authors.